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Belly Fat? Blame your CEO

What does a neuroscientist have to say about stress impacts organizational wellbeing that you haven't heard?

HR & Ombuds: What's the Difference

The chief people officer said, ‘we have that already’.  Recently, I spoke with an entertainment company about installing an Ombuds program. As I shared the Ombuds role, the chief people officer stopped me.  He said, we already have that. Curious, I asked a few more questions.  While the concept of an organizational Ombuds has been around since the 1960’s,very few companies today know what an Ombuds is, much less, invest in this valuable organizational wellbeing ...

10 Reasons Why your Post Merger Integration Team Needs a Corporate Ombuds

We can probably all agree about the challenged faced during the post-merger integration period. But did you know there's a new approach for working through culture issues.

How will anti-trust draft M&A guidelines impact you?

How will the draft guidelines impact you?If you have an acquisition growth strategy, this new approach and focus on approving mergers and acquisitions may slow you down.What can you do?Be much more intentional about post merger culture compatibility issues. Why?With a fully engaged, trusting and drama-free workforce, you actually get the deal value and synergies you wanted.An Ombuds program helps you achieve that and more retention. Read the article

Make Psychological Safety part of your Integration Plan

More specifically, create vehicles that demonstrate employees can trust you during and after the transition.

Why Ombuds are so relevant now

There are excellent reasons to implement a program at some point. What makes Ombuds relevant right now? Here are 3 reasons to invest in Ombuds that you might not have considered yet.  Recruitment/Retention Pundits who predicted a recession touched off an avalanche of layoffs. Companies need their remaining employees to work harder, which in the current climate causes burnout and turnover. Investing in an Ombuds program now is an excellent solution, for not only riding out the recession, ...

6 Reasons Why your Company Needs an Ombuds Now

What is an Ombuds and how do you define the role?


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