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Exploration Call | Outsourced Ombuds Services

Do you think an Ombuds program could be right for your company, but you have questions?

Ombuds work is perfect for helping your company to boost engagement, retention and productivity.

An organizational Ombuds provides a neutral, informal and confidential resource for employees to share concerns, work through conflict and gain communication and emotional intelligence skills. Your Ombuds also helps leadership to better understand your employee experience and which systems work.

My question to you: what do you need to know? That's what this exploratory call is for. To answer your basic and not-so-basic questions like how can your organization benefit from an Ombuds and many more! Just to be clear, not every business is ready for an Ombuds.

Find out where you stand!

Discover everything you always wanted to know about establishing an Ombuds program on this Exploratory Call for CEOs, HR professionals, General Counsel and Business Owners.

What is an Organizational Ombuds?

A neutral third party, typically an expert conflict resolver, who hired by the company to provide a neutral, informal, independent and confidential resource for employees to share their concerns, ideas and experiences to find workable solutions. The Ombuds updates senior leaders with insights into the employee experience and satisfaction along with hidden trends and issues. An Ombuds helps reduce burnout, stress and quiet quits.  Gain clarity & confidence to move forward!

How do you get started?  Apply!

Hey, I'm so delighted to talk with you about Ombuds programs.  You know, the future of work is all about employee experience, wellness and flexibility.  You need a listening strategy that allows you to hear your employee voices and act.

About Dina Lynch Eisenberg JD

Formerly the Global Head of Ombuds Services at Twitter, Dina is an experienced Ombuds, mediator, facilitator and conflict coach. She founded Ombudsology, a Ombuds Advisory firm, to educate and advise companies interested in healthy work culture. Dina designed programs for brand giants like Coca Cola as well as tech companies, manufacturers and bio pharma. Her Ombuds work is featured in Inc and Entrepreneur magazines.

Why should you listen to me? Great question. Listen to me because...

  • I have a passion for healthy workplaces where employees feel SEEN (Safe, Engaged, Empowered and Nurtured).
  • I've gained knowledge, insights and expertise from working in a variety of business settings over 20 years.
  • Because creating a program is a big undertaking and you need a sherpa to keep you moving and point you away from regrettable mistakes and risks.

What's included in an Discovery Call?

  • Review of your questions
  • Review of the company website
  • 60 minute Zoom call to address questions
  • Recording of call for future reference

Fee: $475

Invest an hour with me and save yourself hours of research!

By applying, you are taking one step forward on getting help with building a trusting workplace You are not committed to working with me by completing this application, but this will allow me to give you guidance around what I would recommend and whether I'm a good fit to work with you.

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